Ignorant Faith

April 12, 2010
Standing tall, eyes wide open.
Aware of the risk, aware of the pain and the danger.
With strong belief in second chances,
he stands facing her, with darkness overtaking his eyes.
His friends beg him not to go any farther,
but his stubbornness and desperation prevent their cries from reaching his ears.
Before him he sees his love,
though there is a small chance at her changing,
he has faith.
His friends are now yelling, begging no more.
Whether it be stupidity or wisdom,
he is doing what he feels his heart tells him.
Though it’s been wrong before and led him down paths that ended in agony,
he has faith.
Thoughts of the future fill his head,
thoughts of pain and thoughts of purpose.
He knows that they’ll scorn him,
but where his heart leads him he will follow.
Curse him or praise him,
he is simply listening to the only thing that has kept him sane all these years.
And so he stands, face to face with his love,
it’s time to make a decision.
One outcome has a possibility of pain and suffering.
The other has a definite chance of agony, but it won’t last forever.
So why choose the tempted one?
Why not just fly into the one that has kept him alive all this time?
She begs as tears fall from her soft eyes.
And so once again stubbornness has gotten him into a hole he ignorantly digs.
Looking at the faces of his friends,
he asks them not to follow him down the road of stupidity.
Taking the hand of his love he walks off into the distance,
with slight regret abundant on his face.

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