April 12, 2010
Motivation and determination and the will to work hard are a few characteristics a true champion possesses.
I present myself as one and don’t let runners up comes in my presents.
To me a champ is a rich individual and if you are below that in my eyes you are just a homeless peasant.
I’m not trying to offend you I’m just trying to teach you a lesson.
So listen as I inform you on how you can be what you stride for.
A champion stands out like a kittens meow to a lion’s roar or a baby lizard to a dinosaur. The mentality of a champ is an assassin you must have a killer instinct and do everything with a passion.
When the lights are on its Showtime like magic.
Start the game devastating and end it with tragic.
Silver medal winners talk hard but perform like cotton fabric.
Ahead of a team by 50 points with no sympathy, we still are going to let them have it.
The heart of a champion is filled with desire.
And a champ will remain one long after he or she retires.

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