To Nam and Back

April 11, 2010
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Leaving behind an unfinished war. Saigon.
Tan Son Nhut air base at 5:53 P.M.
There was little emotion or joy.
Strong feeling of pride General Weyland declared.
30 coffins with the bodies of Government soldiers had just been unloaded from trucks.

colleagues refuse to admit

colleagues refuse to admit

colleagues refuse to admit
"We've come here to stop the spread of Communism,"
South Vietnam under a democratic system.
cost to the United States: 46,000 men killed and more than 300,000

colleagues refuse to admit

Scout a suspicious area.
"tyranny of the terrain."
pick a trouble spot
shot down a boney cow.
(couple of helicopter pilots bragged)

Most damaging most painful memory. My Lai massacre.

American military men talk about the mistakes of the war.
Vietnamese armed forces have made strides forward.
North Vietnamese offensive of 1972.
their readiness, determination and capability to defend their ideals General Weyand declared today.
several South Vietnamese units broke and ran
suffered devastating casualties
entire battalions were captured.

colleagues refuse to admit

we had one year of experience eight times.
kept everyone in unfamiliar jobs.
Drug use became endemic.
"fragged" their officers.
love beads and peace symbols and let their hair run shaggy. colleagues refuse to admit

good-bye to the huge white tropical building that was sometimes called Pentagon East

Our mission has been accomplished

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