April 11, 2010
Why cant anyone love me for me.
obviously im not good enough,
strong enough,
smart enough,
tall enough,
the tears come, along with the fears.
the fear of loneliness.
the fear of weakness.
and humiliation.
Im not clean enough
skinny enough,
or motivated enough,
im too loud,
and stubborn.
I never roll over and play dead,
but i still learn new tricks.
will i never be the me i love?
will people never see the person i truly am
they will only see with negative eyes.
the worst parts of me that they prioritize.
they place my weakness first.
and my excuses they shred.
I have no dignity.
no riotousness left.
who out there could love me..
no one.
my fears will become reality
and my dream will lay in shreds
in a waste bin of excuses.
unless i conquer there words
and i cling to the hope
that one day some one will see my beauty.
Ill hold tight, till the day,
when i will shine,
those people will be there.
cheering me on.
pretending to care.
and i will walk tall.
pretending to not notice.
but each of their laughs will cut me,
and there doubts i will carry.
but one day still, i will be beautiful.

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