It's Funny

April 11, 2010
It’s funny to look back
At all the memories we shared.
It’s funny how it ended,
Did you even care?

It’s funny to think we were inseparable,
Most of our problems we resolved.
It’s funny how we shared our lives
And now our friendship has dissolved.

It’s funny how I could come to you
In my absolute darkest hour.
It’s funny that you could do the same,
Until everything went so sour.

It’s funny that I still wonder,
How things could’ve changed so fast.
It’s funny how I really thought,
That forever our friendship would last.

It’s funny how we used to be,
Laugh together every day.
It’s funny that now we see each other,
And simply look the other way.

It’s funny how you think you know
How everything will turn out.
It’s funny how a stupid mistake
Could ruin the relationships we most care about.

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