Last Chance

April 8, 2010
By Lyrical_MyStErY GOLD, Ralston, Nebraska
Lyrical_MyStErY GOLD, Ralston, Nebraska
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You force me to do your deeds, only because i don't respect your needs, but why should i when you never even respected me

~Last Chance~

I feel like i been locked inside this misty cell,
But not the jail type, more of the love type,
A place were i go when i say farewell,
Because love could not sing off its melody pipe,
So inside this place i sit and wonder,
were you went or who your with currently,
at night a storm rolls in with rain and thunder,
could these be the sounds of angels Hurling,
Over the lost of love and desper,
I haven't really felt pain at this degree,
but i understand good only last for so long,
But let me tell you why im really here,

Light can only shine bright for so long,
until it Dims slowly and returns to darkness,
But thise only goes in circles, you have to be strong,
It doesnt happen on purpose, you just can't think less,
You have to make sure you do nothing wrong,
or else a heart break can cause so much stress,

I made the biggest mistake of my life,
the day i gave you up for someone else,
i stab you in the heart with a knife,
and now i pay the price for my crime,
I thought i could trust to person i went with,
i was wrong and now i climb the highest climb,
I tried making you the perfect list,
I tried giving my heart out to the fullest,
But i think im only running out of time,
I only have one chance to be with you,
I want to take this chance,
but im too scared to see what is true,
Its time to make the perfect romance, with just one glance,
im loosing it im going crazy,
its putting me in some sort of trance,
what im dealing with is so advance,
If only it was as easy as reading a book.

The author's comments:
This was too my Ex.

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