The Young Gentleman

April 8, 2010
The Young Gentleman

I Am Strong At Heart,
A Man Great True Valor,
I may be short,
But the strength i have is Taller,
Guirded By A very Large fort,
i am the One the Girls Halla
Walkin with the beat in my ears,
Meetin girls with great expectations,
Not lettin nomore bring me to tears,
As I Walk my mind would be racin,
And ill be creatin,

When it comes to the woman,
I am a gentleman,
Well lets just say im a man,
So much Manners were i stand,
But when we in Our Room,
The bed is were she would land,
My eyes witness this with a zoom,
She grabs my hand slowly kissin,
And in the morning, there aint nothing missin,
and nothing to miss,

The Beat, The club, The Music,
Is the type i like Magicly,
Nothing can make me sick,
And im bieng saftly,
secured In my own mind of music,
Now think about it,
I Dont play no games,
I Talk how i talk,
I walk how i walk,
I Do What i Do,
Because I am,
The Young Gentleman

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