My inner child

April 8, 2010
By simplyjasmine GOLD, Round Rock, Texas
simplyjasmine GOLD, Round Rock, Texas
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*To live for life is not enough live because everyday brings new adventure.
*Before you let go of someone remember no one is perfect but everyone has a chance to prove they're worth not losing.

The little girl in me finally came out.She was't happy though.She was the same sad little girl that I was 10 years ago. She told me her fears and I told her mine. To my suprise we had only 2 common fears. One was the fear of never finding love,to find someone who could love me inside and out. The 2nd was the fear of you. See both of us have been hurt by you (physically and emotionally).While we were talking, I never looked at her and she never looked at me. I didn't want to look at her because it would take me back to all those years of my childhood. When we had stopped talking, I looked at her. Her brown skin had bruises and scrapes on it, her eyes were red(probably from all those tears she had cried). She wore her dark brown hair in 2 ponytails with big white barrets. She was wearing a dark blue cress with a red and white long sleeved shirt under it. While I looked at her, just as i said, all of the memories poured into my head. Tears slowly ran down my cheeck and as I cried she slowly started to faid away. My past will always be with me. The pain that I once felt when I was a child.will always come backto mewhen I look at those pictures of my mom or even the pictures my younger self. Now the tears flow hot as I sit here in the dark of the night holding myself. I sit here thinking maybe I'm holding her too, since she is within me. I whisper to her,"We will no longer experience pain,". With that I close my eyes and faid away myself.

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