What is beauty?

April 8, 2010
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What is it’s race, what is it’s nationality?
Where does it live?
I must know… so I know where to go when I have a blade in my hand ready to skin my risk and watch as the blood crawls down from my hand and hits the ground with the force of an earthquake
Where does between live,
so I can ask her who I am...What part of me to listen to
Which culture to choose
Which life to live, which dreams to have
What goals to achieve and strive for
I grow up in-between two worlds and lives
I see through the looking glasses of both worlds but never really fit inside
Two voices screaming my name
One voice tells my the that beauty is as dark as the un-lit night sky
That beauty is the roundness of your hips and the curve of you lips
Beauty is the swan like posture you hold and the thickness of your lashes
In this world I am the caterpillar in the mist of phoenixes
And I crawl my way out of the this world
A second voice calls my name
It screams, shouts, and promises to teach me what beauty is
It says she is a blond hair blue-eyed hippy with elf like skin
She is a biblical giant, only fifty feet tall and teaches surfing lessons on her time off
She is a movie star and walks on the red carpet with enough jewelry to feed a starving country, enough to save a life
Beauty is weighing nothing more than 80 pounds.
Beauty is the anorexic like model with bone popping from even corner of her body
So beauty who are you?
Are you an angel fallen from heaven with the ability to shape shift even fifty second?
Or are you a villain, a demon in the night that destroy the confidence of young women...
Damn you beauty!
Damn you and your wicked ways, your wicked beauty
Oh beauty you’re cruel
I take my stand against you today
I put my scale away and my knife
I put away my fear
I put away you
So beauty watch out for one day I will come knocking on you’re door,
Wherever you are
And give you what you deserve

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