If Pictures Were Words

April 8, 2010
Every moment was like a Kodak moment with you.

Snapshot one: you walked down the road into my life.
First impressions flitter through my mind,
But I give in to second impressions…..and second chances.

Snapshot two: you walked up to me and stood in front of me.
My secret is I don’t really like chocolate sometimes.
What's yours? Oh my.
You smile and nudge me, say yes?

Snapshot three: running with you through the rain, effortlessly and so carefree.
I'm drunk now, but I'll never be hung-over,
Cuz what makes me high is never going to leave my side, right?
Yes, you say as rain runs down your face.

Snapshot four: four was always our perfect number, but two is what defines us.
We're really just two people so lucky to have each other.
We have to keep pressing on, and we have to keep on trying.
I leaned on you and didn’t want to let go,
It wasn't rain this time, it was tears.

Snapshot five: there's nothing here.
I'm left with nothing now,
But there's also nothing in our last snapshot,
Cuz we still got a blank slate for us to fill with our story,
We still need to smile and make that memory.

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melodeess said...
May 11, 2010 at 3:03 pm
Hey! If you decide to rate my article, thanks a lot! I would also love it if you posted a comment telling me why you gave the article the rating you chose. Thanks a lot :) -Melody
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