the Perfect morning.

April 8, 2010
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I wake up,
feel like crap;
that’s Great.
getting ready for school,
nothing looks good;
that’s Awesome.
put my makeup on,
covering the imperfections;
nobody can see them.
my clinique mask,
covering my face;
walking downstairs,
not enough time
for breakfast;
I slept too late.
What a Surprise.
put my cereal in a bag,
my coffee in a plastic mug;
I need it to wake up.
I am waiting
for my ride to school,
they are late;
I could have eaten breakfast;
that’s Perfect.
when they arrive,
I walk outside;
it’s raining;
I don’t care,
if my hair gets wet;
it looks terrible anyway.
I protect my face,
from the tears,
falling from the sky;
the tears I wish I could shed.
I am not careful,
the tears could ruin my mask.
get in the car.
nobody talks,
nobody ever talks.
I stare out the window,
mesmerized by the objects passing by.
we arrive at school;

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