Know Your Potential

April 8, 2010
Dear Uselessness,
You are not going anywhere
I'll say it as it is: You are worthless with no cause.
You need a reason.
You need one.
Just a single request.
I'm not beggging for your mother's sake.
For yours
For yours.
My plea is simple: believe in yourself as a being.
A true figure worth something.
Know who you are because if not, you are a waste of space on this earth.
Have confidence that you can love.
Learn for yourself, pass your spirit onto others as I pour my words into this letter.
Wrap yourself around another's skin.
You can be that mouse and have the cheese.
Lift yourself beyond.
Beyond the nature of your birth into a world of life.
Grow into the inspiration.
Not the de-motivation.

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Isawyouyesterday said...
Oct. 30, 2010 at 1:29 pm
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