barely remember

April 15, 2010
By breakaway.from.death PLATINUM, Lehigh Acres, Florida
breakaway.from.death PLATINUM, Lehigh Acres, Florida
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'My heart is like a blackhole, It has no dark end.'

i feel so empty,
for i feel no pain.
i feel like,
i'm not even alive.
like i'm dead,
it feels like there,
is no reason to live.

i haven't seen him,
in so long.
it seems like,
he doesn't even exist.
like it was,
alll just a dream.
a creationo of,
my imagination.

i can barely remember,
the feel of his warm skin.
how his lips,
feel on mine.
the way he,
talks to me is lost.
until we met again,
until we say,
"i love you".
until i can,
see him,
face to face.

the way he,
looks at me.
the sound of,
his voice when,
he says my name.
all the features,
and scares of his face.
i miss his eyes

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