You're Killing Me

April 8, 2010
I’m staring out the window
Watching the rain
With tears streaming down my cheeks.
I see the droplets falling from the sky
And it reminds me of my pain.
It reminds me of you
And the way you make me laugh so easily
But cry easier.
It’s breaking my heart,
Watching you chase her.
I wish it were me.
I wish you would just realize
That I’m the only one who’s going to be here for you.
The only one who’s going to love you unconditionally.
What makes it even more heartbreaking,
Is that you’re my best friend
And I’ll always love you no matter what.
I could never hate you.
I wish you could see
That you’re killing me.
Ripping my heart at the seams
Which I’ve sown so many times.
I’m tired of heartbreak.
It devours the soul
And it’s destroying mine.
I just want to look in your eyes
And tell you how much you mean to me.
I know you know I love you,
But you really don’t know how much.
I wish you saw things from my perspective,
Just so you would know how I feel.
It’s hard to watch the one you love liking someone else.
I’m still sitting here
Watching the sky cry.
And for what seems to be the thousandth time,
I know how it feels.

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