In The End

April 8, 2010
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And in the end, she may walk alone
But she leaves HIS heart broken and cold as stone
He asks himself “why?” as his soul fills with despair
Meanwhile she’s confused and trying to breathe with no air
Both questioning themselves “now what should I do?”
Not quite sure what she wants, she tells him “I love you”
Hearing this he wonders “is she playing with me or is it for real?”
If only she could walk a mile in his shoes to see how he truly feels
I’m sure she would realize that for her, he only wishes the best
Whether at the end of the day, she lays her head on his or another man’s chest
And so she asks him “why are you so understanding, why are you not mad at me?”
And he answers simply “I’ve been in your position and honestly, I just want to show you what love is supposed to be”
About a month has passed by
And still at times he breaks down and cries
Life is getting so rough, he considered suicide
So to live or to die is for him to decide
The other night he saw his life flash before his eyes
And that’s when he was enlightened and finally realized
It’s like there’s two of him trapped in one being
He can feel his sanity quickly fleeing
So in the end she may walk alone
But his body is lying there cold as stone

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