A Simple Walk

April 11, 2010
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Wind blasts your face. Distant A/C drones loudly.
Cold rough tiles ignore walking, scraping, and talking.
Sleek plaques line uncaring walls, while
umbrellas protect small tables from hot
sunny rays. Feeling misplaced lies a sole
fork, lonely yet brave enough to
shine light into eyes of passerbys.
Strong wind-blasts shoot dry leaves to
distant destinations. Fire alarms sit waiting
in suspense for signals turning them on.
Flowering bushes guard this area like
thorny walls. Small white piles are
scattered across the floor, “presents” from
passing birds. Storm drains tower over all,
awaiting coming storms. Trashcans are strategically placed
all over, yet wrappers still
skim the grounds surface. People coming to
work or just walk by all register
some of these things, but they
do not take the time to fully focus on them.

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