Depressed Imagination

April 11, 2010
Vancant. Empty lot. Nothing more, nothing less.
I stare. Stare at Nothingness.
Nothings there, on that lot.
but What I see, is a different story.
Him, That one I love, The one who holds my heart.
I see him, with her.
Her, That I hate, The one who stole my dreams.
See Them, I do. Sitting, laughing, making darkness in my soul.
Dispair, I feel it, in my own face.
There, on the lot, they are, together.
Close, so close. They are, close.
I watch, breaking, broken, alone.
What I see, and whats actually there, are two different things.
Closer, they get closer.
I see, the need, their need. Burning.
Wretched, soulless I watch.
Burning need, tips the tables. They Lean.
Touching, their lips, touching. Forever I stare.
I fall, staring still, as their burning need is put out.
They Seperate, slowly, slowly.
Smiles, apon their faces, smiles.
On my knees, I stare, at there smiling faces.
They blink, I blink.
Im staring, at an empty lot

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