Seasons of Love

April 11, 2010
Like a light summer breeze whistling a sweet tune,
Like rays of sunshine brightening the day,
Like the freedom and levity of a Monarch butterfly,
Like a sandy beach offering fun and games.

Like the leaves of autumn whispering witty words,
Like the brilliance of fall foliage,
Like Saraswati sharing her knowledge of life,
Like the harvesting of nature’s ripe resources.

Like the ominous warning of a winter thundercloud,
Like deceptively majestic glaciers hosting warfare,
Like a frozen lake concealing the deepest truths,
Like the inexplicable individualism of a snowflake.

Like the scent of freshly cut grass in springtime,
Like a bubbly waterfall cascading off the rocks,
Like a gorgeous azalea opening its heart,
Like raindrops on windows writing letters of love.

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