April 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Broken bones,
Broken heart.
She's broken,
Beyond repair.
She turns her head from pity.
Doesn't want any sympathy.
She just wants to heal,
But it's too late for that.
It's all his fault.
Or so she says.
It's his fault she's broken,
Broken beyond repair.
Her mistake was trusting him.
But who knew this would happen?
Not her, not even him.
But he's not sorry.
He ignores her obvious pain.
He ignores guilt glares.
He just searches for another,
Another girl to break.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this poem was myself. I broke my ankle 2 weeks ago and that's where I got the "Broken" idea. And it just evolved from there. I hope you like it! Please rate and comment!

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