Dear Mom,

April 11, 2010
i'm going to tell you in a poem,
because through those i speak easiest.
last night
at jenny's
i pierced my lip.
don't blame her because she was sleeping,
because she had to get up early.
and no matter where i was
it would have happened anyways.
i'm not sure if i like it yet.
i haven't really looked at it.
it's rather swollen
and i might take it out.
but doesn't hurt like i thought it would.
i don't know why i did it.
i just wanted to.
i have for a while,
and last night i just decided to do it,
like when i dyed my hair pink and black blue.
i don't want you to get mad,
even though you probably will.
it's just, you only live one life,
and my teenage life is ending soon.
it's only a matter of time before job interviews.
and i'm pretty sure employers don't approve of
pink hair and piercings.
it's like i'm getting all this stuff out of the way
and living my life
so that when i'm older
and i look back
i don't feel like i missed out.
i really do hope you understand,
and that you won't be too mad
(unlike dad)
love, your slightly reckless daughter

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MercedesXO said...
Jul. 9, 2010 at 9:52 pm

i like this poem. i like it because it sounds like it could have come from me, and is along the lines of my thinking. like, i feel the same way you do about how you feel like your getting older and you feel like you have to live your life now so that you dont feel like you missed out on everything in your future. and i like the way you put it, simple, explaining the situation, and saying that you're sorry but its sumthing you had to do for you.

last week i shaved my head. and believe m... (more »)

Shahed said...
Jun. 20, 2010 at 12:51 am

After I read it, I thought this must be personal I shouldnt post a comment, but I had to tell you how great it is to express yourself through writing, If someone tell me about something they have done in such a nice poem I would forgive them :))

Great job, really!

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