Pandora's Box

April 10, 2010
By TechnoGeek21 BRONZE, Brampton, Other
TechnoGeek21 BRONZE, Brampton, Other
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I am sitting on the damp grass,
Looking at the swaying ocean
Its damp sea breeze,
Freezing my every still motion
I try to remember who I am,
And just can’t seem to be
I start to feel senseless and hopeless as I could be
If only someone could feel the way I’m feeling,
Then only can they feel my true misery
It is as if my worst nightmare has,
just turned into the darkest reality
The world’s full of greed, loneliness,
That could easily make one bleed
If only Pandora hadn’t open it the box,
that destroyed the horoscope of the world
and turned the innocent into thieves
it was as the elders spoke,
Curiosity is the simples emotion but amusingly deadly
just as I’m about to step in the ocean,
to take a small nap for eternity,
I see a small light in the clouds,
That seemed to greet me,
And I finally realize that,
‘Impossible’ is just something that others believe

The author's comments:
Random but i expressed my feelings. :)

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