Patience, Reliant Child

April 10, 2010
By DanielleZ DIAMOND, Rochester Hills, Michigan
DanielleZ DIAMOND, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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My virtue
Is gone with the wind
It took me for everything
Once more a diamond ring

Alone, alone, alone
That's all there is to it
Live with that, please
There's only you
All are stuck inside
Their own worlds
Don't go out of yours
It's dangerous
Stay inside, darling
You won't get hurt
Free yourself
From your mind
Don't let your thoughts
Interfere with intervention
Stop talking
It doesn't matter, love
They'll just do what they
In the end
Eliminate it all, child
You need none
Just as they need none
But themselves
Go into hiding
Yet be open to them
And just reply
As they would want
It's all fake anyway
Just go with the flow

Stop walking
In the opposite direction
Of the Wind
Let your hair
Be blown in your face
Be blind
Close your eyes
Hold your breath
And dive
Run and jump over
That edge you cling to
Hit those rocks
At the bottom
Bleed, Cry
And then die

Lose it all
Nothing is your only
Don't indulge
In that pitiful feeling
Hate is shallow
Love must be too
Swim to deeper water
Where you have room to move
Be free there
Go away

Let the water
Put you out
Run away from the fire
Run away from the rouge
Leave, shut down
Don't cherish anything
Go along with everything
Ignore something
Be nothing
Like how you previously
Claimed you were

Let go of them
Get back on stage
The show must go on

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