You Broke Character

April 10, 2010
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You promised we would always be together.
Never apart.
Then you did something totally unexpected.
You broke what I gave you.
My heart.

You made me promise I would never leave you.
I was good and kept it.
Then you went destroyed what we had.
I guess its a double standard.
Because you broke it.

You broke the promise that you asked me to make.
You broke my heart.
Then you wouldn't give me reason.
I hope this made you miserable.
It's what you deserve.

You only keep on breaking stuff.
It was always me who made amends.
Then you decided we weren't good enough.
Even though it was out of character.
You weren't you.

They say life is a stage.
Life is a show.
I guess you're lucky they don't write reviews about our lives.
Yours would suck.
Because you broke character.

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