I Cry Your Tears For You

April 10, 2010
By , Saskatoon, Canada
You laugh as you tell me the things he does
When I am away
In the comfort of my home

The stories short, come out of the blue
"He yelled at me again"
You say nothing more

Your smiles however, do not cover your eyes
I see the fear
It begins to seep through

Slowly I learn, the extent of it all
The words he speaks
The pain he causes

You put up a wall, let nothing in
Not anger or hate
Never to let, your desires be known

How you long to embrace, to call him daddy
Like you once did
When you were sure of his love

When "we" and "you" weren't replaced by "me"
When mom wasn't fat
When our kids came before friends

When a smile was not always
Glued to your face
Eyes hard, emotioneless

I feel your pain as you sit there with a smile
Since you cannot
I cry your tears for you

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