April 10, 2010
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They move silently and quick across the battle field.
Looking for a point of no return A place where the heart no longer beats it pounds but Silently. A silent heart beats fast, silently beating to the movements of its oppressor
Nothing is heard the soldiers thoughts.
Most of the time the heart beat is on his mind.
He sits knowing at anytime his life could be captured without fear.
The soldier looks upon the soon-to-be blood stained field
He thinks of what he is leaving behind.
A family who’s positively oppressive nature will be sorely missed.
Thoughts race through his mind
“Will I ever see them again?” to no avail.
Forced into action, the soldier is forced to act.
Claming lives with his terrifying metal
One chance to be oppressed his self, only one life to claim
Dying for his country in this moment of attack.
OVER WHAT? Senseless ignorance.
War? Its genocide, killing a generation of family and minds.
Zoom! Life passed by his face in the form of steel.
Zoom! Death passed through his heart in the form of lead…
The soldier lays there oppressed
Thinking of his brave but soon to be forever silent heart
Beat away without sound.
Praying for the ones he loves,
To give them strength before they hear of this
With the last few beats of his heart the soldier wonders:
Why life by God is taken by death by his misunderstood world?
One moment of attack at a time

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