A mothers love

April 10, 2010
By kevincj2 GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
kevincj2 GOLD, Hanover, Maryland
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If there is one love that wont ever leave me, its yours
A mothers love, Is love in purest form.
You risked your life to bring me in the world
You kissed me on my head when i was born
And to this day i still feel your love from my first few moments of life.

A Mothers love, is one you cant trade.
A mothers love, Is one you cant evade
A mothers love is one you cant leave
A mothers love is one you need

If i never thought so before...ive always had a valentine, its been you
Its taken me all my life to think this through.
My love is more than anything
A mothers love is more than EVERYTHING

You comforted me when i was down
you made me laugh when i was mad at you
You taught me soo much
I cant begin to think of how you did it!
How you raised me
How you dealt with me
How you helped me with my problems
How you loved me sooo unconditionaly.

Ill never forget everything you have done.....ever

You almost left me this valentines day
but god kept you here
Your on your way home
I saved tears
you see God didint want me to lose A mothers love
he wanted me to write all the below and above
to set my mind free like a dove
Around my mothers love.

So remember all you men and women....
cause thats what we all are
Remember your mom will always be your valentine
and love her all other 364 days
cause you never know when god will test your relationship as he did today with mine
remember if anybody she will be there all the time

I love you mom i really do
so here i am, just a son........
surrounded in his mothers love

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