Worst of the Moods

April 9, 2010
Don't speak
Don't whisper
Don't blink
I'm in that mood again

The mood that destroys

The laughter
The fun
The joy
Anything worth pleasure my life beholds

This mood can control it

So I do what it wishes
I do it's bidding
I do what it whispers in my ear
You can't stop it

This mood is just unbearable though

To me
To them
To us

But they let it go

Just because this mood is temporary
This mood isn't staying
It will leave when it realizes it failed

And it helps

To know they are here
To know they will bring me back
That they will fight any of my moods for me

But sooner or later
I am going to have to fight by myself

Because this mood is sneaky and knows
When I am alone.

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