April 9, 2010
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It was like diving into a pool of unknowingness,
Not knowing what was going to happen,
The only thing known was an angel is his eyes.
She loved the boy with his dark brown eyes that looked
Like peanut, brown m&ms.
After leaving his house after being so confused,
Just like she was in algebra,
She went home not knowing but hoping she would be Alone, was asking for a miracle
As she arrived home and was quiet as a mouse
She went to what looked like a big, green, bank safe.
While pulling out was similar to a weapon she would find In her brothers room
While walking to her room was jumping off a bridge
Because she knew what would be next.
That fluffy, bunny, like object in front of her chest with a Brown, toy, as she heard what was a sound of a door, she Pulled the play trigger. Seconds later regretting what was A game. Because she knew that the boy who loved her Like an angel, with peanut, brown m&ms eyes would be Waiting for that call all night. Until he got one that made His Peanut, brown M&Ms melt like a pop-icicle on a Summer evening.

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