What Is Life

April 9, 2010
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Tasteless food black and white skies.
How can a person live this kind of life.
All around me is drama and fight, is this a life well spent?
When will i have a life heaven sent?
But life is not meant to be fair,its not just a quick stare no glare its nothing that compares.
a life well lived do you have anything to give or would you rather recieve ,is giving not in your vocabulary?
Its scary what a life i live having a discouraging voice in my ear and confusion in the other.
Head throbbing, its too much to bare.
Who is there? No one answers am i alone,cold i dont feel a pulse, Doc. whats my results am i dead of am i dyin?
I could not see myself crying, my tears have been stolen, not a drop left.
What has become of my life? im lost and dont know what to do.
Who do i ask for help do you know?
Sometimes its hard to be sad, its like it snowing in the summer it kinda makes you wonder skies now filled with thunder,raging wind.
Shouts from the heavens is it about that time.

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