Our Lives

April 9, 2010
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That's what we go through everyday
in this game we call life.
You can't deny it.
You can't Defy it.
You ain't hiding from it.
Pain is hurting every fiber of our being.
Insanity makes ud bark like a manatee.
Hope is our reason for living.
Hope,pain,and insanity is in our lives.

It's what we're made of.
It's what we made up.
It's what we're living of.
Love is basic.
Dreams we are facing.
Discovery's we are making.
Dreams, love and discovery's make up our lives.

All that we work for.
All that we really want.
All that means anything.
Power is taking over our country.
Gain is every other word in our sentences.
Reign is being taken by those who aren't really great.
Reign,power and gain
are destroying the human race.

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