A Tale So Often Told

April 9, 2010
By L.Renae BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
L.Renae BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
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Asleep in a house so alive in the art of argumentation

Lies a child who knows not of the withstanding parental love deprivation

A child so gullible and care-free

That they easily believed their mother when offered to go somewhere nice with mommy

“Can daddy come?” the child asked

“ No, this is just for you and I,” the mother replied, “a vacation: time to relax.”

The child ran up to their dad and gave him a goodbye kiss meant to last a week

The door was already closed behind them as a tear ran down his cheek

A week went by, then months,then a year

Now the dad was not alone in his demonstration of tears

The child no longer fancied this vacation
When daddy never showed up for Christmas day they learned a painful new word, called devastation

Years went by with hope still present in the child's eyes

Though daddy sent letters and called frequently, to the mother's surprise

It couldn't take the place of being tucked in at night

Or a scenic habitual ride on their bikes

Irrelevant was time as the child wished for a parental re-consolidation

Until the day that mom married again without the child's affirmation

Though the man would never compare to their father as the biased heart constantly persists

Their mother called this man her prince and said life was a fairy tale bliss

Yet the child knew better than to agree with their mother's false propaganda ever again

One day their wishing came to a cease as they reached an age able to comprehend

A day when all their adolescent hopes and dreams walked out the door

And the child learned that fairy tales don't end in happily ever after anymore

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