My Fate

April 9, 2010
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You opened my eyes to something so unreal,
I wasn't sure I believed untill I actually felt you inside of me,
You woke me and showed me things I did not know.
These strange feelings people call joy and hope,
They were something new,
I wasn't sure how to cope.
I let you lead me though,
You seem so trustworthy,
So far the only real man I know.
I was sure you were here to stay,
But then I looked the other way.
I saw fire and this scary man laughing in my face,
Wanting to scream,
All I could seem to do was shake and whisper one thing.
Jesus, That's all i could really say.
You turned to me and lifted me from my fate,
I have never loved you like i did untill that day.
That's when i heard you say,
To get something you've never had,
You have to do something you've never done.
From that moment on,
I knew I was your daughter,
And you were the son who shed his love for me upon that cross.

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