A Disordered Death

April 9, 2010
a girl stands in the mirror
staring with furor
at the body she is forced to call her own.

her beauty is unmistakable
to everyone she meets,
but all she can see
is herself as incomplete.

her beautiful blue eyes
are glistening with tears
as she stares into the glass
portraying all her fears.

thighs are shaking with animosity,
how did she turn into such a monstrosity?

friends tell her "this does not matter,
your personality is beautiful."
but all she can see is that she's getting fatter.

her mind is a work of art
she is forcing to fall apart.
starvation is the weapon
her judgment is decaying.

on the outside she has promise,
a bright future waiting,
inside is only turmoil -
every second she is hating.

hands are frail and weak,
bones exposed,
happiness posed,
she is still not satisfactory.

face is gaunt and ghostly,
personality is concealed.
soon her true intentions,
will be inconsolably revealed.

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doom-hope said...
May 8, 2010 at 12:12 am
this was so deep and amazing, i loved it!!
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