April 9, 2010
By Aaliyah Shivers BRONZE, Mexico, Missouri
Aaliyah Shivers BRONZE, Mexico, Missouri
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Sometimes i sit an think why am i here? What am I doing? Sit for hours running around in my own head... nothing.

Nothing but sadness, and the tears fall hot an sticky against my cheek and the only words that come out are why?

Why am i here? Why am i alone? why is there knowone here to talk to?

I have knowone to share my feelings with knowone who will wipe away the tears and say its alright

And then i think i have one thing. Empathy i am the one people come to talk to, share there feelings with

I am the one who will always be there, the one who will wipe away your tears and tell you it will be alright. People come to me for empathy

I connect with people even if theres knowone who will connect with me.

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