Why do you

April 9, 2010
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Why do you look at me?
you told me "i still want to remain really close friends"
and it was hard for me
but i had to deal.

Why do you smile at me?
through all the indirect teasings
you remain at my side
and make me feel special
I love that. I can't lie.

Why do you ask me things?
I want to know everything about you
from stupid to personal
from funny to sad.

Why do you care for me?
You are constantly in my thoughts
and my first reaction is to help you out
because its an instinct
I can't help being like that.

Why cant you be mean?
Why cant you tell me off?
if you dont love me
then help me stop loving you

But i dont want to,
i want you to keep on being the wa you are
cause through it all
i'd rather hurt like this
than not hurt at all.

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