Letting Go

April 9, 2010
By Anonymous

At first i thought you were my world
then When i told my bestfriend (katie) that i dont care
anymore i like him so much, i want to be with him but that will never happen
she said "what if he moved would u let him go"
i said"yes if he movedi would let him go, but where not gonna play the what if game ok?"
Then she said "well its gonna end up eing the one of the i told you so times"
I said" i know u can tell me that when i comes"...she said "no"

But then as a firend would do she said
"Just PROMISE me that you will re-think everything that you alreayd thought of"
I said" i dont need to i already knwo where i stand"

But the part i hate the most is that i did think about it over and over and over
and over and over again.........
And when i finnaly thought to myself and said there is no need for me to do this to myslef
i dont need to like somone so much when we are goin no where....And i dont wann get to the point where i have to hear i told you so....b/c that means ill jsut make the same mistake again and again

So i finnaly just gave up im done...im not gonna get to the point whre i have to hear it...
im not gonna keep doin this to myslef
and i wont make the same mistake again and again...
i just wish they would belvie that im gonna try...not that im jsut gonna give up tomoroow?

I am goin to make the best effort of my life to let you go
and im never goin through this again
ive learned and i have figured out my mistakes..
and i will use them in the future :]

i love you but im letting you go now :[ </3

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