April 9, 2010
By Anonymous

You ask me, what is hurting you
Can I help you, did I ever do any harm to you.
You expect me to point the death away from you,
because you’ve got loved ones waiting.
Because you need to go back to your perfect life.

Do I really believe that you care about me.
I did not miss your sweaty palms and teary eyes,
that are screaming to get away from me.
I am dying slowly inside,
because I now know that I am alone in this world.

You whisper, I’ m the same human being as you are.
I have hatred and I have nightmare.
So would you really be able to kill me,
another human being.

If we are both equal being in akin standing,
no one being more superior than other,
why have I had it harder than you?
Would you truly be able to answer me,
another human being.

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