For Shame I am Alone

April 9, 2010
By Hayley Mars SILVER, Los Angeles, California
Hayley Mars SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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I walk and climb
and fall
To and Fro
and back and forth
back again
I am nowhere.
Try to Fly to Reach
that Sky
who can stop me
from here
I fear
the heroes fall so far
from here, from here
I cry to no one
so loud so bad
drifting from one
page to
She talks and talks
I cry a lot
and am sorry
wanting to say thank you
between tears.
That isn’t very happy,
So thank you.
And shame, that -
Oh, shame!
For shame my cheeks
turn red my eyes
turn downward yet
my lips become
a bit larger with
my mistake was
again, and again,
climbing farther
being nowhere,
being mistaken again
and again.
Running, jumping,
gullumping this way and
that way.
So strange, I watch the
spectacle of it,
fascinated My lips become
larger till
just then, between
that page
and the next,
his story and then hers,
I realize the meaning of
As I knew it all along,
the butt-ends of my days
and ways
and yes, Denmark is a prison.
Damn it, how ever will i get
out of this labyrinth?
I heave a gargantuan sigh
it was released but never
The poor thing, poor thing,
I’ll never write a
song again,
never laugh or sing or
for shame I am alone

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