April 9, 2010
Blonde hair flows in the gentle breeze.
Blue eyes twinkle as she smiles with ease.
All eyes follow her as she walks down the street,
So graceful no one can compete.
But beneath the beauty and charm
Lies a girl who does herself harm.
“Do they care about me?
Do I only matter if I’m pretty?”
Making food her foe,
She tries to create a wall, so that no one will know
The valedictorian,
Homecoming queen,
Varsity soccer captain,
Student Council president
Has imperfections, too.

Brown hair cropped close, a mohawk breaks the trend.
Dark raccoon eyes, dismal tunnels with no end.
Gazes stay fixed but glace away in a blink,
Afraid of piercings and permanent ink.
Peel away the outer shell
And underneath-- a surprising, sweet caramel.
She hums along to Mozart in her car,
Loves wishing on a shooting star,
Finds true joy in a good book.
But no one will know, for they only give one look.
Third in the class,
First chair violinist,
National Honor Society member,
Award winning dancer,
Will never be more than another
Crazy, rebellious punk.

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