An Angel Of Death

April 9, 2010
By TheCursedLight GOLD, Montrose, Michigan
TheCursedLight GOLD, Montrose, Michigan
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The one unknown kiss
Could say it was pousiness
Automatically left his lips
And he went on a thoasand trips
after it, he falls to his knees
trying to comprehand what he sees
Judas, ripples in the streets
God, eclipses over the trees.
Explosions, erosions
Simplicity, intamacy
"What's happening?" he asks in a strange remark,
"She doesn't love me, what was all this for?"
She then sprouts her wings and begins to soar
"Why" he yells confused, "Why?"
Two feet from the ground, she comes back downand lets out a sigh.
"Is it not evident," she says open eyed,
"Your supposed to be dead, you should of died"
"Impossible" he thought
It was distraught
When could he be dead
Another breath and he falls on his head
He wakes up in a dark place
Tries to move but has no space
He hears screaming and yelling
and has no telling
what has happenned
or what he's trapped in
Then at a tunnel there is a beam of light
And he begins to feel the sense of sight
And sees a man in white
As the space gets tight and tight
"Oh God" a woman cries
As he watches the darkness die.
Through another beam of light that could peirce through the Gods
He can see the man in white and notices many nods
He hears a reply "This babies gone"
Then it hits him like the morning dawn
This is at the time of his birth
It was some sort of curse
He was experiancing his death
How could it. It was his birthday. His twentieth.
"You are dying in the womb. It will be over soon"
I hope it brings you happinness and joy, and makes you relize that your life was not a toy"

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