That's What I'd Say

April 9, 2010
By joyfuljesse12 BRONZE, Kingston, Massachusetts
joyfuljesse12 BRONZE, Kingston, Massachusetts
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"People are like books. You never know what's inside, unless you open the cover to find out."


If i were to die
For any good reason
If I were to die
In any of the four seasons

What would I say?

To my best friend
Sweet Jodi
I would say
Very very quietly

"Souls sisters"
I'd lean back, she'd smile.
"Always." She'd say
At least for a little while

That's what I'd say

To my other best friend
Angelic Courtney
I would say
Sweet and shorty

"Short captain"
We'd giggle
An inside joke
"Jelly, wiggle wiggle"

To my first love
Funny Jay
I would say
Very shyly

"I'm in love."
He would gape.
"With you."
Perhaps he would escape

To my mother
Beautiful Anna
I would say
"Dear Mama

I love you"
She's smile and hug me.
I would cry
She does not see

To my father
Jacka** Jimmy
I would say

"I never had
a father."
What would he do?
Oh brother

To my little brother
Silly Kelvin
I would say.
"I'm leaving."

But he would smile
Not caring
I would kiss him, and cry
"Don't cry Jesse" He would be saying

That's what I'd say

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