Common Feelings (Love is Two-Faced)

April 9, 2010
Through the red vines, I could see you smile.
You were glancing at something else.
Openly simple, I wandered direct.
An outline of a body and not a shadow, I walked the other way.
Not a glance back.
As my heart hangs in twain, an amplified cheer bellows through the halls,
Sorrow strikes me like an arrow from desire.
As the mirrors image is an opposite path, you are the two faced demon that extincts the glass.
By the designer's vitalness, he sent you down for a love that is mockery yet delicant beauty.
Your eyes are a revolution.
A child's pain you have caused, but the simple thought of you can cure this child's agony.
That child has grown up.
You changed his life.
For good or for worse, you are the subject of this boy's poetry.
[Too bad he's dead]

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