"My Friend"

April 9, 2010
By retroxrandi BRONZE, West Monroe, Louisiana
retroxrandi BRONZE, West Monroe, Louisiana
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You say you cannot forget
And you aren't ready to forgive
But I need your friendship
More than you'll even know
I need you there to live

Without you by my side today
Life's been going, oh so slow,
I miss your calls,
Our endless talks,
The places we would go.

You can't even bear to look at me,
And I know my mistake,
For because of one night,
And a few thoughtless actions,
When you saw me you ran and hid.

I know we cannot take it back,
As much as we would like to,
But we could forget,
And start all over,
Just friends, that's me and you.

If time is what you need,
Then I guess that's what you'll get,
But I need you there for me soon,
My friend,
I hope you will forget.

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