beautiful hate

April 9, 2010
By Horizon BRONZE, Bastrop, Texas
Horizon BRONZE, Bastrop, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
there's no such thing as a happy ending.

the water fall,
colored red,
the centuries down fall,
the ones that bled,
for years and years,
they ran away,
shedding thousands of tears,
awaiting this dark, and gloomy day,
they thought they could escape what was coming their way,
to out run something that wasn't supposed to exist,
yet, here they lay,
guess the sirens were nor heard and missed,
so now in my angered state,
i will rip the last piece of hope from your chest,
concealing your doomed, dreary fate,
and laying my flareing hunger to rest,
you fools anger me in such a way,
the only thing your good for is my meal,
i cannot await your dooms day,
such beautiful hate for how i feel.

The author's comments:
anger inspired this piece. when certain emotion flare, so do words. and often they have nothing to do with what i'm feeling when actually they're telling everything i feel in rythmic detail.

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