One wish

My birthday cake lay unturned
Too many presents to count
And a wave of guilt stirred
One wish
I wish everyone could know how others shoes fit and how not every shoe is perfect
In color and shape
One wish
I wish shady girls knew better lies
Lies that don't leave scars or break
One wish
I wish everyone knew how special they are
How much they mean to us
Before they take their lives unknowingly
Through suffering and bad judgment
One wish
I wish the smart girl in poverty could go to a good college
Help the world someday
One wish
I wish I could stop children from wondering
Wondering too far
Far enough that a stranger could take them away
Never to be seen again
With only a face on a missing flyer
That gets stuck in the trash from day to day
Where were their parents?
One wish
I wish your baby bird didn't grow up and have to fly away
Away from your warm nest to leave you to stay
One wish
I wish I could be there
There to tell a young man not to do drugs
To toss a bottle of alcohol away
That gangs are not friends but far from it
I wish I could shake the hand of a cancer survivor
Who deserves to sign autographs
For they are a real striving role model
Brave and beautiful
One wish
I wish the shy girl would try for the lead part in the school play
If only she knew she had more confidence that anyone
Her voice would be the loudest
It would set the stage
One wish
I wish your grandpa didn't lose his memory
His smile could have been for you that day
Though it's hard to tell
He remembers you
One wish
A fancy new cell phone or a Juicy handbag sound nice
But if someone can't have one
Why should I?
One wish is all it takes for the world to turn upside down
If any came through we'd all fall off
In my opinion I blew
I hope they all come true

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