Lost Love

April 9, 2010
By PAYNEKILLER BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Here i am
Where are you?
Cany tou tell me what has come
Between me and you?
We used to be close
Now I feel lost
You are so far away
Even though you live next door.
So teel me what has happened
Has our love spout a leak?
Do you know that you are all I think about
Do you know your luminescent face
Is the only thing keeping me alive?
I miss talking to you
I miss hugging you
I miss being able to run my hands Through your hair
Why can't you look at me
To see that i care
I have always been there
But my time is running low
Soon i will melt
Just like the white winter snow
I have never wronged you
Yet you always prolong me
Please don't make me get on my knees
Please don't make me have to plead
All i want is to be with you
All i need is to sit with you
All you want is a man
All you need is me
So I will ask you one last time
Won't you please be with me?

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