Waiting on You

April 9, 2010
By Andersen BRONZE, Patterson, California
Andersen BRONZE, Patterson, California
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Ok, so I keep waiting, and waiting, and you never show…
And it’s making me sad.
Why aren’t you here?
You used to make me feel so wonderful!
You had this artful way of making me feel as if I were the only one alive
-And then you went and disappeared…
I know, I know you never said it
I know the words, “I love you” never escaped your lips for me
But I know you did
And you know I did
– Love you, that is.
It was always there.
Just our own vulnerability kept us apart.
We were both too scared to say it outright, weren’t we?
But I will now
I promise
Just come back to me
Please come back to me
‘Cause I’ve been waiting
Just waiting
I you still haven’t shown
And I’m suffocating in my weakness…

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