my personality

April 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Some people may be prim and proper
But that is surely not me
Some may be as smart as an owl
But that is not me
Some may be short and quite mean
But even though I’m brutally honest and tall
That is still not me
Some can be extremely hilarious
But that is not me
Some are book worms and love to read
Even though I like books that still is not me
Some are so weird don’t want to even look
But then again that can be me too.
Well if I put a label on myself I would be a variation of all
Respectful yet funny
Brutally honest but will help you in need
Funny and witty and everything in between
I think that’s me.

The author's comments:
in middle school it is hard for people to fit "in". my poem is trying to send the message that it is ok to be yourself and be a little bit of everything.

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