Daddy, Where Are You?

April 9, 2010
By Demetria Jennings BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Demetria Jennings BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Daddy, where are you?
You left me
alone and lost.
Worry glistens in my eyes.

Daddy, where are you?
You disappeared,
My legs, trembling from
beneath me.
All from seeking out to
find you.

Daddy, where are you?
I cry, tears of sorrow and
I run, my feet slap against
the pavement.
My arms are open but empty of
your presence.

Daddy, where are you?
Why do you not answer me?
I stand, looking, searching, begging
for you to be here.

Daddy, where are you?
I’m trying and trying to
find you.
I don’t want to give up
but my heart is giving

Daddy, where are you?
You made my happiness,
you brightened my smile,
but you became invisible,
mentally, emotionally, physically.

Daddy, I’m sullen.
Daddy, I’m sad.
Daddy, I’m so tired of looking
for you.

The author's comments:
When I was about eight, my mom and dad divorced. And as I grew up, it was hard dealing with him gone. So it took me until eighth grade to confront this problem and face my feelings about the whole thing, so I simply wrote this poem. I thought it really portrayed my feelings clearly and I thought many others could relate to the same hurt I did.

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