Screams For Help

April 9, 2010
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And I considered all the things he said,
about the struggles and the screams,
and I didn’t know what to say,
because there really was nothing I could say.

All those people,
they just needed to be heard,
and now they’re all I can hear.
They needed someone to pay attention to their tears,
before they had to scream,
but people never listen to what they don’t want to hear,
and no one wants to hear,
that they’re not the only ones.

So now all the forgotten faces
will rot, and all the faded shrieks,
will linger in the distance,
and maybe all this madness will pass,
but their voices will still sound
through shattered windows and dreams.

and it’s not just the quaking of a ground,
it’s more then that,
to all the people,
who thought they had nothing,
but now what do they have?

It should be the awakening of humanity,
but it’s not,
because that’s just the way it is.

and now there are lifeless bodies filling the lifeless land
and motherless babies, and babyless mothers,
with nothing to do but cry
like they’ve been doing for the past hundred years.

and they say people come together in crisis,
but everyday is a crisis, and there are still people alone.

But what can I do?
because a $10 text is not enough,
and I want to hold the babies,
and rock them until the crying stops
because silence is better then the desperate shrills
of those in need,
or that’s what we all think, right?

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